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Experience our H.U.G (Healing.Understanding.Growth) formula in one of our talks or workshops.

The Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress Workshop – For students and young adults

Workshop Outline
This workshop offers unique and effective solutions for dealing with exam stress in a quick and effective way. It’s ideal for school, college and university students.
Our innovative, creative system invites you to consider your key personality traits and by doing so, discover how you perform under stress. It also offers strategies, pertinent to your personality type, for reducing stress especially during testing times.

Key Benefits
• An innovative, animal clan guide system that addresses how different personality types respond to exams and stress, rather than a one-size fits all model.

• Discover and utilise your animal clan guide to understand your core personality traits.

• By associating your personality with an animal clan guide, you are able to step back and exam yourself from a non-judgemental and compassionate position.

• Discover what works to de-stress your personality and animal clan type during exam time and optimise your performance.

• Release negative thinking and patterns and utilise your talents and gifts.

• Discover your optimum learning style to enhance your exam preparation and success potential.

The Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress Workshops – for Educators and Parents.

Workshop Outline
As well as gaining an insight into what your personality type is and how you operate under stress, you will also discover new, effective ways that you can support your students, son or daughter and motivate them to achieve the success they are capable of. Help them manage their stress in a quick, effective way.

Key Benefits
• Discover new, unique tools to motivate your students, child or foster child who are drowning with the pressure of exams.

• Gain awareness about what stress is and how it mentally, emotionally and physically affects you and others.

• Negate negative thinking and behaviour patterns within yourself and your students, child or foster child.

• Learn how to use our unique, healthy techniques in dealing with the symptoms of stress within yourself and your students, child or foster child.

• Reduce your level of panic and stress within the school or home environment.

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