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 Welcome to a laid back and fun approach to dealing with exams and stress in an easy and effective way.

Stress is currently dominating the modern world we live in, and is becoming an increasing issue for teenagers and young adults.

Our aim is to make this serious and complex topic of stress simple to understand and simple to deal with.

Fun and easy to apply, our unique H.U.G. formula offers stress-busting tips to ease your nerves by tapping into your unique, inner resources during testing times.

Our unique H.U.G. formula stands for: Healing. Understanding. Growth, and, we believe, our approach is a transformative, powerful tool that will empower and motivate you during difficult times. 

Read on and let our H.U.G formula be your guide…

Who we are

Here, at the Laid back Guide Company, our aim is to help:  teenagers, young adults, parents, carers, educators, youth workers and anyone involved in supporting young people to gain a better understanding of stress and its effects.  By tapping into your unique, inner-resources and gifts, we can support you in managing your stress in a healthy way.

Whether it is in the: work-place, personal relationships, or exam-related stress, we are here to help you find new, laid-back, ways of dealing with recurring stress related problems by becoming more self-aware of what triggers your stress and how you can find new, healthy ways to manage it.

What we offer

With our innovative approach based upon a variety of psychological, humanistic and naturalistic perspectives, our stress-busting system invites you to discover and connect with your own unique personality type in the form of your animal clan guide, and stop stress from controlling your life.

It is not a one size fits all system – instead, our innovative animal clan guide system works on 9 different and individual personality types.  Each animal has been selected with that personality type in mind. You can discover more about our animal clan guides by taking our animal clan guide personality test, and buying our book, ‘The Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress’.

We offer a range of workshops, talks and training to help support:  organisations, adults,  teenagers and young adults who are currently experiencing stress due to personal or work pressures; also, we specialise in running exam-related stress workshops. 

About Us

Jennie Caswell MBACP Registrant C.o.P, Cert Ed

I am a psychotherapist who believes that everyone can be treated in an individual and unique special way.  I work to give each individual  the guided options to achieve their full potential in the least stressful way.  I have extensive experience and practice in humanistic therapies and I am also a qualified, passionate teacher with many years experience, including adult education.

I believe that stress in the younger generation is rapidly increasing in today’s society.  I invite others to look at different individual approaches and guide these young adults to a less stressful existence. My passionate aspiration is to share some helpful guidance with: carers, parents, educators, youth workers and anyone who is around young adults.

Naseem Ahsun BA (HONS) PGCE

I am a qualified teacher, specialising in supporting students to realise their potential as amazing individuals.  

With over a decade’s experience as a classroom teacher and specialist intervention teacher, I am passionate about motivating and supporting teenagers and young people in discovering their talents and overcoming blocks to their learning.  All they have to do is go within and discover their unique, special gifts. 

Far too often they underestimate themselves and their abilities, failing to see that they are powerful, incredible people, who have so much to offer. My aspiration is to support teenagers and young adults in developing a positive and proactive approach; one where they can learn to manage their stress in a healthy way, and recognise the limitless possibilities available to them.

The Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress 

By Jennie Caswell and Naseem Ahsun,
Illustrated by Rodge David.


A laid back, non-judgemental and compassionate support system where you will discover your animal clan guide who will assist you during testing times:

  • Use our easy, laid back guide questionnaire to determine your animal clan guide and discover your personality type.
  • Discover what works to de-stress you during exam time and optimise your performance.
  • Find your unique learning and exam preparation style.
  • Learn how to build understanding relationships with lecturers, teachers, parents and carers.
  • Gain, new successful results for you.
  • Become more self-aware of how stress affects you and discover tools to address stress in your life.

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Our wonderful Illustrator, Rodge David has brought our amazing animal clan guides to life, with his own special brand of magic.  We are so very grateful for his unique and valuable input.